The Record Boys site has moved! the old .com.au domain is now no more and we have a permanent new home here at www.therecordboys.com. Unfortunately, our old web hosting company went out of business and we were forced to move our site elsewhere. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new look website and the fact that our website is up on the web where it should be once more. The other unfortunate thing is, since our previous web host company went out of business, all our data was lost. So all the old news items, gig dates and guestbook entries are now gone for good and we are going to have to ask all our loyal fans to sign the gerdy guestbook once more.

In other news, we now have four mp3s for free download. All downloadable audio from this site is guaranteed to be of the nighest sic-ness. Remember to check back here soon for more Record Boys updates! Rock on. Peace.